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Nicholas Armstrong especially known as ‘Sapnap’ is a famous American YouTuber singer and Gamer. Nicholas Armstrong, best known for his best youtube content and Minecraft challenges videos, and collaboration with a dream. His most famous video to earn 10 million views was in August 2020 titled ‘Minicraft but we are all Colorblind’ featuring ‘GeorgeNotFound’. Shop Sapnap Merch here!

Sapnap Wiki

Sapnap was born in an American family on 1 March 2001 in Texas, USA. His real name is Nicholas Armstrong & his zodiac sign is Pisces. He graduated high school at a private school in her hometown. Then, he attended college but dropped out to pursue YouTube full-time. Buy Sapnap Merchandise limited edition apparel.

His ethnicity is mixed. However, he hasn’t shared any details about his parents on the internet. Coming to the details about his siblings, he has two younger sisters whose names are not known. His marital status is unmarried & he is single.

Early Life & Career

Sapnap was born Nicholas Armstrong on March 1, 2001, in the United States of America. He was raised alongside his two sisters. He developed an interest in gaming and social media at a young age and wanted to showcase his Minecraft skills on social media. He started streaming videos on Twitch, attracting several views and likes. His Twitch account gathered thousands of followers in a short period of time, establishing him as a popular streamer. Presently, his Twitch account has more than 2 million followers. Shop Official Sapnap Merch.

Sapnap Net Worth

Sapnap’s net worth is $1 million (estimated). His major income sources are YouTube & Twitch. Below, you can find more information about his earnings from each source.

YouTube: With around four million subscribers on YouTube, he gains millions of views every month. According to SocialBlade, he has gained around 6 million views in the last 30 days. Hence, his monthly earnings are estimated to be around $18,000. Leaving this, he has other YouTube channels where he gets paid as well. However, his paycheck from his other channels is considerably low.

Twitch: Nick is a member of the Twitch partnerships & earns through advertisements during his live streams. He average around 70,000 viewers on his live streams. Also, he made money from subscriptions. According to TwitchTracker, he has 5,511 active subscribers. Taking an average of $5 per subscriber, he makes $27,555 just from subscriptions alone.

Merchandise: He has an official merchandise store website. On the site, a person can buy hoodies, t-shirts, bucket caps, beanies, etc. Since the number of sales is not known, it is very hard to estimate his earnings from this source.

Professional Life

An American you tuber and gamer are quite famous among his fans. He uploaded his first youtube video on 29 October 2019. He has his own youtube channel Sapnap with a huge number of subscribers(4.2M). The channel is based on Minecraft games. He is known as one of the best Minecraft Content Creator on youtube. His first uploaded video was Minecraft, But it’s Raining Cats and Dogs with about 448.9k views in a short span of time. He is mostly seen collaborating with his fellow youtube members; Which is also known as Dream Team. It includes Himself, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound.

Dream originally helped him to create his own youtube channel. Which is Pandas from Backward but P instead of D; which becomes Sapnap. Besides that, he can be seen collaborating with YouTuber BadBoyHalo.On the 24th of October, he collaborated with the Dream team and participated in the video, Minecraft Speedrunner VS Fill Diamond Juggernaut which earned more than 12.2M Views. Such kinds of collaboration and content further boost up his channel and career. He has uploaded about 6 videos to date and earned a huge amount of subscribers in a short span.

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Nicholas “Nick,” better known online as Sapnap, is a member of the Dream Team. He is a Minecraft gaming YouTuber who makes videos about plugins he and his friends have coded. He has been uploading on YouTube as of 2019. Buy Sapnap Merch here!